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Canvas size:  30x40cm

Type: Full Drill

Diamond painting is the epitome of fun crafts – you get to have the fun of sparkles, puzzles, logic, and hobby in the form of a compact diamond painting kit. However, Special LED glowing diamond paintings make for amazing diamond painting kits, because they have diamonds with a crystal shine. They are more beautiful, fun and stylish.

Special diamond paintings are called so because the diamonds/beads/stones used are made especially for each painting. The sizes, shapes, and designs of diamonds are different for each painting according to their designs. Special diamond paintings have the following exclusive features:

  • Special Diamonds (that shine like crystals)
  • Shapes and Sizes of Diamonds are according to the design of the painting.
  • High quality Printed Canvas
  • They are More beautiful than Normal Diamond Paintings.

Our LED Diamond Art Kits:

  • Come with additional diamonds to accentuate your diamond painting experience by making it shinier and more beautiful
  • Come in a variety of colors, types, and patterns, so you can choose what you love the most
  • Shipped worldwide, so all aspiring diamond painting fans can have the wholesome experience of working on the special diamond painting canvas

So, to experience the ultimate diamond painting experience, order your special LED diamond painting NOW!

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